Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rating list

Orion and I have developed a game in which we rate the jumps that we make off the side of the boat. A lot of the rating names are kind of silly. Here is a table of the ratings:

Normal, Pencil, Splasher.

Very bad: Slip, Finepoint Straight, Pop-it

Bad: tumbler, Finepoint#1, baby boomer

OK : hopshee Finepoint#2, Big boy boomer

Good: bungee FinepointStreak, Bombshell boomer

Very good: cliff jumper, LeadBreaker Banger boomer

Like it? Normal is based on how high you jump; pencil how deep you go; splasher how big the splash. You might want to use these.

--By Rigel

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  1. I hope you can read this chart right. I made it as best as possible.